These super cute tote bags are perfect
for the pool, Library or just to use as a
purse.  It measures 13x14 and makes a
great gift!
Select one of the fonts from the  
chart below.   Be sure to include if
you want an embellishment as well.
Personalized Totes
Name, Font & Embellishment (if desired)
Ribbon (if ordered)
Trick or treat Tote
Zipper Bags

The super stylish zipper bags are a must for girls and moms of all ages!  The larger 5x9 bags make perfect school pencil
bags or makeup bags.  The small 3x4 bags will come with a key ring.  They are perfect for keeping your keys and money
together.  You license and credit cards fit perfectly in the little bag.  Let me know your favorite colors and I will send you
fabric options.
Zippered Bags
Name or Initial
Fav colors or Fabric (by #)
Diaper/Wipes Bag
Name/Initial or Monogram
Fav colors or Fabric (by #)
When you don't want the whole diaper bag these are perfect to throw in your purse.  This 10 x 7 bag is quilted and fits a 64 count
travel wipes perfectly!  The back of the bag has an elastic banded pocket that will hold 2-3 diapers.  Hook the small 3x4 key ring
makes an excellent makeup bag for mom!!
Let me know your favorite colors and I will send you fabric pictures.
Your Baby's Room